We're dedicated to the success of child care providers. Our network of partners offers perks and discounts to directors on Wonderschool.



Directors on Wonderschool who are new to Yelp receive $300 in upfront advertising credits to help promote their program on the Yelp platform.


Directors on Wonderschool can soon access easier food program tracking and claim reporting through our partnership with Accutrak/CACFP.净.


Directors on Wonderschool can get free assistance with applying for a PPP loan through Womply.

资源 & 课程

Directors on Wonderschool get access to a of peers, experts, and child care and . 另外, get free access to the Ages & Stages Questionnaire and Wonderschool 课程 Corner .


Small businesses like child care programs need insurance, and we partner with Bunker to make it easy and affordable for directors on Wonderschool to stay compliant and be protected.


While a typical tax return and filing for a child care business can range from $400 to $600, Wonderschool's Tax Pro offers tax services at a discounted rate of $350.


Kiva是一个国际非营利组织, 2005年在旧金山成立, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.


学校提供折扣 is the teacher’s favorite resource for the daily essentials they need in the classroom. 学校提供折扣 is there to assist teachers to plan the curriculum with lesson plans, 活动, 和物资.


Kinside is a nationwide childcare network connecting working parents with open spots and savings at daycares and 幼儿园. Kinside partners with daycare and preschool chains in the US to offer preferred tuition rates. Their concierge team helps families find programs that meet their needs.


High-quality education and child care, trusted by parents and organizations around the world, 适合人们学习的方式, 生活, 和今天的工作.


ChildCare 职业生涯 (CCC) is the largest staffing firm dedicated to the child care field. CCC provides fully qualified and pre-screened teachers, assistant teachers and site directors to child care centers, 幼儿园, 之前, & 放学后的程序.




“到目前为止,奇妙学校一直很棒. I really like the way my families can check in/out virtually everyday. My parents have access to update and make changes to their child/children files and it allows me to interact with them through the app with 活动 and things we do daily, 每周或每月. 188bet金宝搏官网登录真的是一个很好的工具 and allows a provider to get rid of some of the daily paperwork and payment processing.”


“Wonderschool has been a valuable resource for my program in informing families seeking care what my program is about and how we operate. It’s complemented my website nicely and has been another resource to refer families to when they are inquiring information about my program. 另外, Wonderschool has been a great platform for maintaining daily communication with the families currently in my program. Families love the convenience of the free daily app as well as the option to make tuition payments online that are quick, 容易和安全. 188bet金宝搏官网登录一直是一笔巨大的资产 to my program."


“The biggest benefit I have received from Wonderschool, 到目前为止, is the automated billing system it provides. I no longer have to remind my parents when tuition is due. I also don't have to continually send them monthly statements, as they are able to grab those right off their Wonderschool parent website. 它节省了我的时间,这是无价的!


“Wonderschool has helped me to keep track of my income and expenses in one place. 我喜欢这个应用程序. It allows me to post real time pictures of the children while they are engaged in 活动. Which is great to share updates ,such as potty, meals, 活动 to name a few, throughout the day. It also has helped make enrollment a smooth process. By the website allowing me to list details about my program, 我的生物, 程序图片, 我的政策, parents are well informed in making a decision if my program will be a good fit for them/their child. It also allows more information to be shared with parents prior to the initial tour which will help answer some of the questions that they may have."

“Rescue talented teachers from the stingy hands of institutional employers, turning them instead into edupreneurs.”
“Rescue talented teachers from the stingy hands of institutional employers, turning them instead into edupreneurs.”


Together, let’s help educators build the future.